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Aerin Kelsey Ridgway is a businesswoman, husky mom, and wellness enthusiast, who goes by Kelsey professionally. Born in the Rockies of Alberta and raised on Vancouver Island, she has an affinity for the outdoors and nature which she enjoys by hiking and photography. After high school, she moved to the prairies and struggled with an existential crisis.

As an administrator in a manufacturing facility, she was unsatisfied and self-taught in web and graphic design. Afraid to go all in, she chased the ‘safe’ path of becoming a Journeyman Gas Fitter. After proving you can do anything you put your mind to by passing the exams top of the class, even if you suck at it, she quit the next day, giving two weeks’ notice.

She then returned to working in manufacturing, where she had been showing promise as a production scheduler. Within 3 years, she became the operations manager of an 85-person facility and was part of the growth team taking the organization from negative profit to over 35 million/year.

Kelsey is a talented business person, incredibly adaptable, and a fast learner. She enjoys learning and philosophizing about business and technology, which she shares in a weekly newsletter SmartStacks. She has a natural affinity for accounting and often contemplates getting a CPA designation.

She likes traveling, learning new languages (though isn’t fluent), killing houseplants, cooking anything that just needs a boil, and collecting fitness equipment. When she isn’t working, she reads or walks the dog.

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